Friday, February 18, 2011

You ruined my day

Hey all ! what a tiring day I had. Went for bm class after school then later on accompanied my mum meeting her bunch of friends at Red Wok. I tell ya there were all kept talking and talking without realising how exhausted I was. I was sweating and dying at the same time. Thanks mother, Thanks :) After listening to their chatters I asked her to take me to Vanilla Pastry because I wanted to bake an oreo cheese cake. Yumm you're very lucky to have me as your number one favourite ! Muahaha. OHHH one of the workers there was so lazy. She's a freshie I guess cos I never seen her before. Hee Im quite familiar with the workers. So yeah she had a problem in managing her butt. Lol. I asked her where's the cream cheese cos my eyes couldn't find it. I looked at every tins and boxes but still there was no sign of it. Then she said try to look at it again and I was like, No no it wasn't there. She replied while she was sitting on a chair, cant you see a white wrapped plastic in there. HAHAHA looser you lazy woman ! Was it too hard to get your butt off the chair ?  I wonder if you're a single lady or a wife or maybe a mother ? Huh, pathetic -,-

And now I am here rocking on the keyboard. My legs ached, think Im gonna get some rest but naaahhh I have to get my legs working for tomorrow. Merentas desaa la pakcik ! I malas lah pakcik. I taknak lari ye esok. Let just walk and try to appreciate the view of Bangi. Hahahaha there's nothing much here. Seriously .