Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gimme a break

I've been very busy last week with studies badminton cheese cakes etc. And naaah I've started my home tuition yesterday morning at 8.45 ! Techer Prema is really good I understand every single thing she taught me. Im taking Biology with her soyeahh Ive to explain and story everything from A to Z. I was nervous because it was my first day seeing her and also my first time taking any tuition since standard six -.-" but everything went well cos she was so kind and friendly. Im looking forward for my next class. Tehehe ! Gotta study real hard this year.

Ohh yesterday Alina and I went to danau to play badminton. We wanted to practice for our tournament next week. But daanngg I dont think Im physically and mentally ready to face Niknor and Fatin. They're all well practiced while Alina and I ? Hahaha you guys can tell. We bumped into our classmate, encik teeeett which I adore him so much because of his gentleman-ness hahaha. I was so shy you know that I wanted to run away. Yeah that was funny, but Alina hehe she was acting like a cool one but I can see she was so eager to walk past him. I know you like him, what makes you think you can hide this fact from me? Im too good in this matter okayyy.
Okay bye ! I should get my eyes off the screen. I dont want to end up with spectacles covering my eyes.