Thursday, February 24, 2011


Light the candles, Uhh I bought the cake :)
This is Amira, ramai guru cakap kami kembar -_-"

Zarif, Asyraf

Haziq, Asyraf, Zarif


I miss 4 Dedikasian :'( I miss every single one of them. I miss my class, well maybe it was situated lil further from the other classes but still, we had a very good time last year ♥
This year, let us all struggle for our upcoming SPM, I am sure you guys will ace this big exam with flying colours. You guys are great and nothing could stop us now. We should start revising and paying extra attention in class, I mean basically, I am the one who should start giving the very best of me. I'll try. Hurm, what is happening to me ? I am too lazy to open the books. There must be something inside my head trying to convince me to get my eyes off the books .___. Okay, not cool at all.

Aiyaaa, my tummy is excellent. Im gonna go grab some food now so toodles !