Monday, December 20, 2010

lo siento

You still don't get it, don't you? How many times do I have to tell you? Stay away from me and my family. Stop hunting us. You are just wasting your time your energy. I've asked you to let me live in peace, like zillion times I guess. I even posted it in my blog. Didn't you have time to read it? Im using our national language ._. Ke nak I cakap tamil baru nak faham? Im screaming inside, don't let me yell at you, again. You kept pushing me to always listen to you and do you expect me to do so? Big NO. Goshh I freaking hate it. Please I have told you to change, but I don't think you have that effort to start all over. Yeahh I pray for you, still.
Look, you have my forgiveness, but don't force me to like you like I used to cause Im starting to hate you. Hope you'll find your way out. I wish for your happiness. Goodbyeee!