Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MM, you are the awesomest!

Yesterday, 15/11/2010 was one superb splendid day. It was awesome im telling you. Spent one whole day with bunch of friends ohh so much fun though it was kinda hectic. At 9.15 my brother sent me to ktm ukm, i woke him up at 8 haha yeah in advance cause he is sooo lazy. Tapi tu pun selamat la dia bangun. Hee sayang you lah abang :) I stopped at midvalley to buy some food then later on MM wanted us to go to klcc and i was like okayy. Waited for the train yang sumpah lembap for almost half an hour. Called MM to be patient and finally i made it to kl sentral, looking for MM. Sorry dear. You waited for me for like one hour there at kl sentral yet you didn't show me your tiredness. Im teribly sorry ._. He just kept on smiling hee yeah right after i gave him clorets Haha. You make me falling for you la young man.
 Terus pergi klcc breakfast dekat pizza meloni. Okay i'll make it short no need to write it all in details. Walked to pavi bought tickets for unstoppable movie. OKAYlah cerita ni. Hahaha. Ronda ronggeng semua then jalan balik pergi klcc. Ohh i like this part the most, we walked in the rain aww. Boleh tak nak lagi? Gehehe. Sampai klcc jue texted me telling she was at pavi with amirul. Oh shoot, i penat gila nak jalan balik sana. Seriously kesian kaki ni. So in the end we decided to meet up at mid. Jadi spent my time with MM alone. Bought secret recipe's chocolate mud cake for my class party. Then pergi makan dekat food court ho yeahh bergaduh sekejap denagn MM. It was all began because of strawberry sundae!

MM: Sabb, lets go eat ice cream
S: Erm you nak ice cream apa
MM: Kita beli strawberry sundae
S: Ehh you suka strawberry ke
MM: Suka lah you. Kenapa you tak tahu ni
S: I thought you dislike pink
MM: But strawberry isn't pink, it's red
S: Ehh no, strawberry is pink
MM: Red!
S: Pink!
MM: Red!

Haa mcamtulah kami bergaduh. Siap tunjuk baju tu colour apa, kerusi tu colour apa. Haha pink ada pink cair pink muda pink tua. I explained everything to him but then he denied it all. Dia cakap merah jambu lain, pink lain. Then i cakaplah merah jambu samalah dengan pink. For 30minutes, my cheekbone got hurt because i laughed too much. Ala biasalah gaduh2 manja harharhar. MM, about the colours, let the experts talk. I taknaklah gaduh lagi penat tau nak gelak. But, im started to like you, pink :)
At 7.15, MM hantar ke kl sentral. Ohh tak sukanya. I hate saying goodbye to you,  and i hate hearing you saying that word to me neither. I don't want you to go. I want you to stay besides me 24 hours. Can you? Haha no lah im just kidding. It's okay, biar jauh di mata asalkan dekat di hati ♥
MM, you are the awesomest! I really do like you, yes i do.

Made my way to mid valley, arrived around 7.40 First stop cari tempat duduk grr penat. Jue and amirul were at the gardens so i told them to look for me. But yeah no pressure, I undestand you guys dah lama tak jumpa, hee take your time ;D So sat there alone texting and calling. Minutes later, they came. I hugged jue tightly, ohh i miss this girl so much. Pastu mula la bercerita blablabla. perempuan perosak rumah tangga muncul lagi! HAHA geli doh perempuan tu. yeay amirul cakap ni so dont worry jue, he is not going anywhere.
8.30 amik ktm balik bangi. While waiting for the train, i called nabila asking if she will attend our class's barbeque that night. She said no, cause when she got to syazwan's house, they ignored her. Haa that really pissed me off. Soon after that, called asyraf because i had planned with him to ask syazwan plays a really good drama in front of nabila in order she'll attend the class party. I yelled at both of them, asyraf and syazwan. I babbled a lot Haha. Everybody was staring at me. Maybe i looked like a mad girl on the phone :D Dont blame me. Blame them. Tiba tiba awan cakap Eh nabila tu haa tengah seronok bergambar. Okay you puzzled me, where the hell is she right now? At awan's. Haha funny. So i tertipu lah. Nice. Real nicee. The three of you memang nak kena tunggula i sampai nanti haha. Naik train ohh memang macam sardin. Rasanya i dengan jue je perempuan dalam banyak2 sardin lelaki haha, Eh no ada sorang kakak belakang amirul. There were a few guys who acted so horny. Nasib baik mirul yang cerita kalau tak i memang tak tahulah apa korang buat belakang i. Dasar nama pun lelaki .__.

9plus plus arrived at awan's. Haa im touched you guys were waiting for me and jue to start the game, eventhough korang dah makan dulu :p We played musical chair that night and guess what you can call me the king of the game cause i won haha. Kelakar kot. Malam tu sempat makan spaghetti je melayan koranglah yang lembap tak habis habis bergambar. Sampai banyak game tak main. Around 11 i got home safely, and thanks mum for not yelling at me. In fact we storied each other all night long. Hee what a great moment i had yesterday. Thank you guys for brightening up my day ♥♥♥