Wednesday, October 13, 2010

me likeyyy

OHHHHH today was awesome! heee me likeyy. A girlfriend of mine was totally insane, i have no idea what kind of love poison her boypreng gave. Like seriously dude, you make her so out of control. She is not acting normal like she used to. Everyday, every lesson, every hour and every second all i can hear is your name! All about her love story. Hee but im not saying that im sick of it, in fact im so happy you've finally have this irresistible feeling for a guy, because at least i know you are a normal girl like me Haha :D Just don't get too hyper b, you have end year examination waiting on your way. So focuss okayy :) 

To this guy, i have questions for you. What did you do to win her heart? Did you use some kind of spell or etc? Teach me then, so i can win someone's heart. Weeeee. Whatever it is, bravo to you! you've made it! Goshh you are not as what i expected. You look innocent outside, but inside hahaha only she knows. I thought you were not a type of guy who's interested in a serious relationship, but then i was totally wrong. She told me that you are damn romantic. HAHA shame on me. What happened today had really open up my eyes. She asked me to call you to our desks, so i did it because she wanted to give your workshits  as you were absent for two days right? When you came, i looked at the front, giving space for both of you. Then after a few minutes i heard the word sayang coming out from his mouth! TERIMA KASIH SAYANG! OMG i bursted out running and laughing like a mad girl with you ;D My girlfriends were so shocked and not to mention she herself became extremely hyper since then. That was like the first time you called her sayang heee so cute lahh. Jealous gila i tau. Wekkkk taknak kawan kau :p We left everyone in the class with bigg question mark, hee sorry guys they are not ready yet to tell people about their real status. So keep on waiting guys! this little secret of my friend will soon expose due to the presence of her lovely friend. You know who she is right ? :)

Nabila affiqah, you are mentally unbalanced :D I love youu dolly :)